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Founded on the basis of helping others, Excel Pest Management is a dedicated pest control company based in Southern California. Helping you rid of those unwanted pests in and around your home or business has been our goal from day one, our services combine the most advanced treatment methods with technicians that undergo multiple levels of certification to become a master field technician all to provide services that are unrivaled in our industry. We are looking forward to serving you!

An Excellent Pest Control Company

Excel’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is our SmartSolutions process for achieving long-term environmentally sound pest control by utilizing various non-chemical and reduced-risk chemical methods. IPM focuses on pest prevention by identifying and eliminating conditions conducive to pest activity, and to impede or avoid future pest infestations. IPM treats the causes of pest infestations instead of the symptoms. We rely on data collection through regular building inspections and pest monitoring. Treatment focuses on reducing and eventually eliminating sources of food, water and harborage available to pests and limiting access into and throughout buildings.