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Alhambra, CA Pest Control

Pest Control In Alhambra, CA  

Alhambra is a cozy little city within the western San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles, with all the amenities of city life without the hustle and bustle of living downtown. This makes it a great place to live for people and pets alike. 

But people aren't the only ones to share the community here in Alhambra. Unfortunately, pests like rodents, roaches, fleas, and termites are becoming common yet unwanted 'community members' within homes and businesses. Today, Los Angeles County pest control is required to protect our local properties, but finding a powerful, proven partner is not as easy as it looks; unless you count Excel Pest Management, of course. 

Serving as California's proud pest defender for over twenty-five years, with fifty years of combined experience, Excel Pest Management combines the art of pest management with the strength of modern products. Our treatments scour down to the root of any infestation, making way for new growth, peace of mind, and limitless possibilities. Backed by local expertise and a satisfaction guarantee, there's no reason not to partner with us for your next pest management service. 

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Residential Pest Control In Alhambra

alhambra ca pest control

Every homeowner in Alhambra has wondered, "Is that an infestation, or just a passing problem?" 

It doesn't take much for bugs to bed down around our local homes, reaping the benefits of our food and water sources to raise hundreds of offspring. Unless you catch these pests at the earliest stages of development, your home may face more than just a minor inconvenience. 

At Excel Pest Management, we believe that great pest control starts with a great plan. Our residential pest control services cover a wide range of common pests and infestation types and easily combine with specialty services for a variety of environments. Ongoing programs protect your property all season long to ensure total protection. We also offer one-time services.

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Commercial Pest Control In Alhambra  

Big business demands big results, especially when it comes to pest control. If you think pests have bedded down anywhere around your property, partnering with professionals will be paramount to success. And if you're looking for a local team that intimately understands your plight, look no further than the pros at Excel Pest Management. 

Commercial pest control services from Excel Pest Management are fast, efficient, and incredibly affordable. We address homes all over the city with prevention steps, active treatments, and follow-up programs built to last the test of time. We've served dozens of properties since the start of our company and are always looking for new, innovative ways to bring value to our customers. 

Start the next chapter of pest control at your Alhambra business. Turn to Excel Pest Management for pest control that lasts. 

Preparing Your Alhambra Home For Termite Season  

The humid weather and frequent spring rains promise new life, new growth, and new opportunity. However, this doesn't apply to human beings alone. Although we look forward to the coming months of heat, we must remember that the arrival of spring also means the appearance of termites; certainly, no laughing matter. 

Is your home prepared enough for termite season in Alhambra? Ask yourself: 

  • Have I removed or treated all target wood around the house? 
  • Is my household moisture under control, or at least being treated? 
  • When was the last time I signed up for termite inspection services? 

If you cannot sufficiently answer any of these questions, it may be best to partner with a professional pest control firm right away. Excel Pest Management will be happy to provide a termite inspection at your earliest convenience. Simply submit the online contact form to learn more! 

What Alhambra Property Owners Ought To Know About Spider Control

When it comes to spider infestation, there are some interesting facts about these intruders that all local property owners should keep in mind. Here’s what Alhambra property owners ought to know about spider control:

  • Spiders like dark, remote areas like the corners of doorways, ceilings, and dark areas between furniture 
  • Humans often unintentionally bring spiders inside, hanging onto firewood and groceries to transport them indoors.
  • Spiders are sneaky about how they enter properties, using common access points like cracks, screens, and vents. 
  • Spiders burrow in dark areas that retain moisture, like attics, crawlspaces, closets, wall voids, and storage boxes.

If you are experiencing spider activity in your home or business, we highly recommend seeking out help from the pest professionals. The team at Excel Pest Management is here to address all your spider control and prevention needs, so reach out to us today, and we’ll get the ball rolling. 


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