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Ant Control

Ants can be extremely difficult to eliminate, but we are determined to help you rid these unwanted pests. It doesn't matter if they have taken over your home or business, our team of ant control experts can help.

Identifying Ants

close up of an ant

Identification is key, when eliminating ants. Some ants can be controlled using baits, but other ants cannot. Eliminating ants also depends on location of nests. Locating Ant colonies and treating their nests directly is proven to be most effective. Your technician is trained to locate and properly identify these pests.

Initial Service

During your initial visit, your technician will identify certain factors that attract ants into your home or business. Your technician will then spray or bait the interior and exterior of your home or business based on the factors identified during your initial inspection.

Continuous Service

Your technician will return on a regularly scheduled service date and treat as needed to reinforce the barrier set around your home or business to help you keep ants away throughout the year and will incorporate a minimally invasive SmartSolutions Integrated Pest Management Program.

Our team of pest control professionals can help get rid of any ants that may be in or around your home or business. Be sure to contact Excel Pest Management and let us take care of those pesky pests.


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