Santa Clarita's Complete Guide To House Spider Control

big spider in leaves of a plant

Common household spiders invading your home make for a frightening encounter. While most types of spiders in the Santa Clarita area aren’t particularly dangerous, they are still something that you don’t want to see around your home. The information in our article and assistance from Santa Clarita pest control can help you eliminate infestations of different kinds of spiders.

The Ten Most Common House Spiders

There are numerous spiders in the United States and California, but you will only encounter a few spider species around Santa Clarita properties. We list the ten most common spiders you may meet below:

  1. Wolf Spiders
  2. Black Widow Spiders
  3. Hobo Spiders
  4. Tarantulas
  5. Orb Weaver Spiders
  6. Sac Spiders
  7. Crab Spiders
  8. Common House Spiders
  9. Jumping Spiders
  10. Grass Spiders

If you need further help to identify these spider types, you can follow our tips below or reach out to Excel Pest Management for more information.

Spider 101: Identifying What Spider Is In Your House

Many individuals are often confused about what to look for to identify the spider in their home. Below, we list some of the most distinctive characteristics that vary in spider species so you know how to identify each spider:

  • Check for the coloration of the spider and note any distinct markings or patterns
  • Try and identify the number of eyes the spider has – either six or eight
  • See if the legs have fine hairs or spines
  • Note the size of the spider
  • Look and see where the spider is hiding and what its web looks like

If you can’t get close enough to see the spider correctly or need more help with determining which spider is infestation your home, you should contact the spider control experts at Excel Pest Management as soon as possible.

Do All Spiders Bite Humans?

Even though all spiders can bite humans, not every bite is dangerous and will result in severe consequences. Most of the common spiders in Santa Clarita will deliver a bite that does nothing more than giving a bit of itch or pain if they feel threatened enough to bite you in the first place – most spiders would instead run and hide from humans than attack.

The black widow spider does reside in Santa Clarita and can deliver a medically dangerous bite. You may also experience an allergic reaction due to any spider’s bite; you should meet symptoms such as trouble breathing or difficulty swallowing after a spider bite with medical attention.

The Key To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home

To get rid of spiders naturally, you can put prevention tactics such as sealing entry points around your home, reducing outdoor debris, trimming back grass and foliage, and eliminating pest prey issues. However, one of the best ways to get rid of spiders and the key to keeping this pest out is to invest in assistance from Excel Pest Management.

Our pest control technicians will be able to help you identify your spider problem and implement customized tactics for your property’s needs. With our help, you can easily eliminate active spider infestations and prevent this pest from returning to your home.

Contact us at Excel Pest Management today for more information and start keeping spiders out.