Are The Cockroaches In Southern California Hard To Get Rid Of?

cockroach on kitchen floor

Despite all the beauty inSouthern California, there are some very ugly pests. One of the most unsightly pests is the cockroach, and it makes frequent appearances in homes and businesses. Perhaps the worst part about roaches is the fact that they're nearly impossible to eliminate. Learn more about why cockroaches are so hard to kick out and how we can help.

The Cockroaches In Southern California

No matter where in the United States you go, you can be sure you can find a few types of cockroaches in the area. Southern California is no exception, and you're most likely to see these home-invading pests:

  • German Cockroaches: These are, by far, the most common types of cockroaches seen in homes and businesses. Because they are small and have rapid breeding cycles, these cockroaches can get in through tiny openings in your building and take over in weeks. You can identify this cockroach by its light brown color and the parallel lines on its back.
  • American Cockroaches: Growing over two inches long, American cockroaches are large enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. They are reddish-brown and have a yellowish figure eight on their head. As if these Southern California pests weren't intimidating enough, they have wings and can fly.
  • Brown Banded Cockroaches: As you might expect, these cockroaches have a banded appearance. They share many of the same traits as other local roaches, including spreading diseases and triggering allergies. Whenever you have cockroaches around, you should be worried about your health.

Why Isn't Cockroach Elimination Easy?

You're probably wondering why cockroaches are such dreaded pests. Besides having the ability to spread diseases, cockroaches also are highly invasive. Once they get into a building, they remain in place until you hire a pest control professional.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) methods of cockroach elimination almost always fail. Over time, cockroaches have grown resistant to certain pesticides. The products you find in the store are unlikely to kill cockroaches, and they certainly won't kill all of the unwanted inhabitants in your home. Even if only a few roaches remain, you will be in trouble. They can reproduce and take over your home once again.

One of the biggest challenges of cockroach elimination is finding them. After all, most people don't know they have cockroaches until they have a major infestation in their home. Cockroaches hide out under appliances, in basements, and in other dark and dirty places. How can you eliminate a pest if you don't know where to find it?

Getting Rid Of Roaches For Good

There's also another issue with cockroach elimination. Sure, you can successfully kick out the roaches in your home. But how do you make sure they don't come back? A few crumbs will satisfy cockroaches, and this means they will continue to invade your home.

In eliminating all the roaches from your property, you also need to make sure they don't return. Sealing up your home isn't simple and probably won't keep roaches from returning. Unless you can seal up every gap and crevice, cockroaches can and will find a way inside.

For effective cockroach elimination and prevention, you need professional help. And that means you should call us at Excel Pest Management. Our team is always ready to tackle cockroach infestations, and we don't waste any time. Thanks to our extensive training, we are fully prepared to get rid of all the cockroaches on your property.

For years, we've been serving the Southern California area. Customer service is our priority so that you can count on us. Call us today to learn more about our ongoing cockroach prevention and elimination.