Rat Control In Residential Kitchens: Tips For Santa Clarita Homeowners

rats eating

If rats get into your home, they can cause a lot of problems. If they invade your kitchen, they pose a direct risk to the health of you and your family. Rats love to eat anything and everything. They can use their sharp teeth and strong jaws to chew and gnaw through walls and cabinets to access the food packages stored in your pantry and kitchen. 

At Excel Pest, our goal is to keep you safe from the harmful effects of a rat infestation. We have a team of rat exterminators near you who know how to effectively eliminate these dangerous rodents from your Santa Clarita property.

Understanding The Risk Of Rat Infestations In Santa Clarita Homes

Rats are filthy, disease-ridden rodents capable of spreading several diseases to you and your family. Usually, these pests will contaminate your home with these dangerous pathogens by leaving their urine and feces throughout your house. However, they can also contaminate your food and certain areas of your home through their saliva. Because these little pests like to chew on everything, you could find traces of their saliva all around your home. 

Rats can also destroy your home and every object inside of it. A rat’s teeth will continue to grow throughout its entire life. To keep the growth under control, the rat will need to chew on hard surfaces regularly. If they are inside your home, this could mean you will find holes chewed through electrical wires, walls, ceilings, furniture, and more. If you see any holes in your walls or home that measure between one and four inches in diameter, you need to have your home inspected by a rat extermination company immediately. 

Identifying And Sealing Rat Access Routes To Your Kitchen

Rats are resourceful and cunning pests. If they can find gaps and cracks around your home, they can usually squeeze their bodies through it. Rats have a flexible bone structure that allows them to fit through spaces much smaller than their bodies and can generally squeeze through holes around one to two inches wide. 

If you see any holes in your walls or cupboards, be sure to seal them with caulking, steel wool, or other durable material. You should also install door sweeps in your pantry to prevent them from sliding through the gap under the door.

Having your kitchen inspected by a professional rat removal expert is also a good idea. They will be able to get a closer look at your kitchen and see if you have any trouble areas that need to be addressed and could be access points for rats. 

Incorporating Habits To Safeguard Your Kitchen Against Rat Intrusions

Rats are usually found in the kitchen because this area in your home is most likely to have accessible food and water. If you want to make your kitchen seem less inviting to these pesky invaders, our rat exterminators recommend trying these tips:

  • Keep food properly stored in sealable, gnaw-proof containers.
  • Fix any leaky pipes or plumbing fixtures immediately.
  • Thoroughly dry your dishes and silverware before putting them away.
  • Empty your indoor garbage cans often. 

An experienced rat control specialist can help you develop a more specific prevention plan customized for your kitchen. 

Recognizing When Professional Rat Control Is Necessary In The Kitchen

Rats are one of the many pests you should never ignore if they invade your home. If you are finding clues that suggest rats have been in your kitchen recently, don’t hesitate to call our professionals at Excel Pest. Our Santa Clarita rat extermination team will act fast to eliminate the rats in your kitchen for good.