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Bed Bug Myths

Bed bugs are able to transmit deadly diseases when they bite. If you believe this, you're misinformed. Thanks to all the myths that are circulating, these tiny pests leave most homeowners frustrated and confused.

Myth One: Bed bugs are too small to identify.

Fortunately, if your mattress is infested, you'll have no trouble with seeing the bugs. Adults, nymphs and even eggs can be spotted with the naked eye.

Myth Two: Bed bugs rear their ugly heads in only unclean environments.

This couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that these bugs don't have a preference. They will take up residence in a high-end hotel or a run-down house. Furthermore, your living quarters can be spotlessly clean or ridiculously filthy. What bed bugs crave is warmth, and carbon dioxide draws them out of their hiding places. For food, they need your blood, so your home is beyond ideal for them. Keep in mind that cluttered and dirty rooms are only a contributing factor in the development of an infestation.

Myth Three: Bed bugs will stay hidden as long as the room is brightly lit.

It's a fact that they are mostly active at night. However, whether the light is on or not, these little biters won't stop their normal routine. They have to eat, so you can expect to get bit if bed bugs are living in your bedding.

Myth Four: Bed bugs can be eradicated with the use of over-the-counter pesticides.

Like many pests in America, bed bugs are getting harder to kill because they have learned how to withstand the poisonous liquids and sprays that are on the market. That's why it's in your best interest to reach out to a pest control expert. He or she will be able to implement a more effective treatment strategy.

Myth Five: Bed bugs will only infest mattresses.

Their name is definitely a misnomer. These bugs only love beds because of humans. We provide the critters with everything they need to survive, including warmth and blood meals. Nevertheless, bed bugs are more than capable of living in furniture, appliances and travel luggage.

Myth Six: Bed bugs will no longer thrive in your home if you replace all your beds.

Since they can survive in just about any part of your home, replacing your beds will unlikely lead to the desired outcome. In fact, once you move your beds or sheets, you might exacerbate the problem because the bugs can easily fall off as you make your way to the trash outside. Don't be shocked if you spot them in your kitchen. Contact the professionals at Excel Pest Management today to fulfill your pest control needs.

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