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Confronting the Common California Pests

Sunny skies, breathtaking terrain and great energy are tremendous draws for countless people to our Golden State. The problem is, these great attributes also attract numerous pesky and dangerous pests. Let’s overview some of the most common pests of California, and how our services can help you eradicate them from your home.


Ants are an especially organized, brawny breed, and they seem to know it. They can descend upon your home by the hundreds with a boldness that is unnerving. Ants contaminate food and are linked to diseases such as E.Coli, Streptococcus and Salmonella. These armies nest almost anywhere, and some species even burrow into your wood and cause a threat to the home’s structural soundness. Non-professional methods only remove those in sight. What is needed is an extermination solution with equipment designed to find and destroy their main nest.

Bed Bugs

Once bed bugs are brought into the home, they are next to impossible to wipe out. Bed bugs are extremely resilient, and can go up to a year without a meal of their exclusive food source, human blood. They seek out their victims through CO2 emissions. They have the terribly creepy habit of following their prey from room to room, so there is no escape. Bed bugs live in the edges of mattresses, crevices of bed frames, walls, and furniture. These pests can even hide in electrical outlets.

If the telltale signs of bites, dark smears, musky odors and even the brownish, seed-size creatures are seen, time is of the essence. Wave the white flag immediately and call on Excel Pest Management to seek out and destroy these relentless enemies. Don’t make the mistake of trying over-the-counter methods first. This approach only worsens the problem, as they drive bed bugs to scatter and become more creative in their hiding places.


Few species cause residents to shrink back in revulsion as the sight of cockroaches scampering around the kitchen walls, cabinets, sinks and other warm, moist areas tantalizing with food. Like their distant cousins the dreadful bedbugs, cockroaches are notoriously resilient and seem to want to overrun a home once they come to abide. Our service will inspect the sources and structural designs of the home that attract these germ-laden monsters, and keep your home roach free.


Common flies are not only annoying, but also pose a health threat to homes with small children, the elderly, or others susceptible to illness. They carry hundreds of pathogens, including tuberculosis and typhoid. Our service will determine the sources of any infestation of fly species, and educate you with ways to guard your home from future invasions.


The California climate and topography provide a perfect breeding ground for termites. These pesky foes can cause severe structural damage, posing even more challenges than floods or fires. Your home may be under full attack without your knowledge. Do not wait until you are ready to sell before you uncover this disastrous overtaking. Excel Pest Management discreetly locates and eradicates all nests without causing any further damage to your home.

You love the freedom and beauty of California living. Don’t share your dream with unwanted enemies. Contact Excel Pest Management today to protect your investment and keep your home pest free.

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