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How Common Pests Enter Your Home

You likely do your best to keep your home safe by keeping doors and windows shut, but in case you aren’t aware, intruders can come in all sizes, including really small. Despite your efforts to keep pests away, they may not be enough, as even insects can squeeze through cracks and small holes with the greatest of ease.

Where the Majority of Pests Come From

Why do these pests get inside in the first place? It is actually a number of different factors, but they all share a common source: us. More specifically, human beings living in warm, dark, delicious abodes.

Many pests have been around longer than humans have, so they have gradually picked up on what we enjoy, such as food and shelter. The majority of pests can quickly understand what homes are and what we do inside of them.

What Draws Pests into The Home

There are three things that pests want from our homes: food, warm, moist shelter, and darkness. These pests crave sugar and can detect it from blocks away. Sugary foods are what practically hypnotizes them because it simply provides energy and tastes sweet.

But also, pests love the shelter that your house provides, as there are plenty of dark and damp places for them to dwell. They want to live in an area where they can breed healthily, and nothing can interrupt them. These areas make for a viable place where they can lay the healthiest eggs possible.

And of course, darkness is also a necessity so that they can do their work and roam around for food while you sleep. For food, shelter, and darkness, they are willing to pass through the smallest point of entry to get inside your home.

How They Can Enter the Home Through Simpler Means

But aside from getting into the home the hard way, you can also bring select pests into your home yourself unintentionally. Pests always roam where there are people, and this includes in downtown and rural areas like stores, hotels, busses and more. If you come home from the city or a vacation somewhere, check all of your belongings for possible pests before you get home.

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