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How to Keep Fleas and Ticks Away From Your Animals

Pests have been plaguing humanity for thousands of years, from spreading diseases to destroying crops, and the problem of pests will not go away anytime soon. However, because of the ingenuity of men and women, we have been able to gain the upper hand on pests nine times out of ten. The same cannot be said for our pets, though, as unfortunately when pests such as fleas and ticks strike, they are the ones that suffer the most. To protect your fluffy children, here are some ways you can keep fleas and ticks away from your pets.

Use Flea and Tick Medicine

The first step to pest-proof your dog or cat is to get them some flea or tick medicine. You can use this medicine on your pet after they get infested, however, it may be a good idea to use it preemptively to protect them from getting fleas or ticks in the first place. A veterinarian could apply this treatment in their examination room, but you can also get some over-the-counter medicine at your local pharmacy or pet store. Flea and tick medicine can come in the form of a liquid that you drop on their fur or a pest repellent collar that goes around their neck.

Check Your Pets Periodically

If you’re wondering whether or not your pet needs treatment, or if the treatment you have already applied isn’t working, then it’s important to inspect your dog or cat’s fur for pests. You should do this every time they come in after playing outside, especially if they run around wild, heavily wooded areas. You should check their fur not only to see if they have any fleas or ticks that are causing them trouble, but also to make sure they don’t spread them around your house as well.

Eliminate Pests From Your Environment

Finally, make sure you keep your general environment free and clear of pests. There’s not much you can do about the parks and woods where your cat or dog frequents, however, there are ways to make your yard much less hospitable to pests. Fleas and ticks thrive in thick, overgrown grass, so mow your lawn at least once a week. Also, clip down the branches of trees and bushes when they get too long and spray pesticide around the perimeter of your house.

Fleas and ticks don’t only annoy your pets, they can also cause skin irritations, rashes and even certain diseases. It’s our job as owners to keep our cats and dogs safe. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, contact Excel Pest Management today.

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