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How to Keep Pests From Coming Back?

Having a pest infestation in your home can cause much aggravation as you try to eliminate the problem. While there are many ways to exterminate pests, which have infested your house, it is pointless unless you make sure they don’t come back in. Here are some ways you can solve your next pest problem before it even starts.

Home Defense

The first thing you should do is make sure you seal off all openings around your house. This doesn’t just mean shutting doors and closing window screens (although you should do this too) but checking around crawl spaces and in your dryer vent as well. If you see a tear in your window screen or a hole in your drywall, make sure to repair them before any unwanted creatures come through.

If you have a chimney, set up a chimney cap to bar pests and rodents from entering. You can seal up small openings around your house with caulk and stuff larger openings with a material which mice and rats cannot chew through, such as a copper mesh. Finally, if you have plants, trees or bushes brushing up against your house, make sure to trim them back a little. Insects use these as bridges to make their way inside.

Along with trimming the foliage around your house, there is a lot you can do outside your house to keep pests from getting in. For example, if the soil around your home's foundation slopes up against it, use a spade or shovel to knock the dirt about an inch away to form a sort of moat. Also, keep your lawn from becoming overgrown and use insecticides on any anthills that you can spot. Lastly, stack firewood a minimum of twenty feet away from your house.

There are many natural ways to keep pests away from your house. Cornmeal, for example, can be scattered around door frames and window sills. Ants will take them and try to eat them, but they can’t digest them, making this an excellent non-toxic solution. Many everyday goods can be used to prevent pests. Coffee grounds smell repulsive to many pests. White vinegar will erase the trail of an ant, meaning that if one crawls in, the rest of them won’t be able to follow. Burying a banana peel near your plants will deter aphids, and onions are a quick way to prevent spiders.

Once you have gone through the trouble of exterminating pests in your house, make sure you do what needs to be done to keep them out. Learn how to get the edge over pests who want to enter your home and make sure they’re stopped.

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