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How to Manage Pest Control in a Retail Environment

It’s one thing finding a beehive or a colony of cockroaches around your house. It is often disturbing, however, as long as you call an exterminator promptly, there shouldn’t be any long-lasting repercussions. But what happens when you find an enormous rat crawling across the floor of your restaurant dining area or a horde of termites in the furniture of your office's waiting room?

Aside from the hassle of getting them removed, they can seriously hurt your business if customers see pests in your building on a recurring basis. Thankfully, with some quick thinking, you can get ahead of whatever pest problems your business may experience before the damage they do becomes too severe.

What to Look Out For?

Ironically, while retail environments are one of the most important settings to keep pest free, they are also places which are especially susceptible to infestations. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for pests in your stores or restaurants, though the sort of pests you should watch out for depends on what type of business you're in. For example, if you own a business which works with food, then flies, cockroaches, rats and ants are going to be your main antagonists.

However, if you own a company which sells clothes and/or fabrics, then carpet beetles and moths are more likely to be your undoing. Whatever sort of work you’re in, it’s important to check under tables, between sheets of fabric and inside pieces of furniture on a continuous basis. Also, hire professionals to do a thorough inspection of your building at least twice a year. This way, if you do have pests, you can get the jump on them before they cause too much trouble.

How to Handle an Infestation

Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with pests as long as you’re in business. However, if you do find pests around the store, the first step is to figure out where they came from. If they are flies or bees, make sure your windows and doors are weatherproofed and that any openings that pests might use to enter are sealed. If you have ants or cockroaches, you may be storing your food improperly, so put all dry goods in airtight containers and give your floors a thorough sweeping so that these pests have nothing to feed off of. On the other hand, if rodents are your problem, seal up any cracks in the walls and place rat traps in high traffic areas. Hopefully, with a little effort on your part, your pest problem won’t get out of hand.

While these steps are important, if you have a serious infestation, there’s not a tremendous amount you can do on your own. Fortunately, at Excel Pest Management, we have all the experience and resources you need to make your pest problem a thing of the past. For more information or to receive quality pest control services, call Excel today.

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