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How to Tell if You Have a Spider Infestation

If you are concerned that you have spiders living around your home, and you think there are too many to deal with, you can look for signs of spiders without having to see one up close and personal. Even though few species of spiders are harmful to humans, they can still pose health risks for you and your family. You would rather keep them away from your home, so you are living cleanly and comfortably.

Here are several ways to tell if you have spiders lurking in the home:

Spider Webs

Spiders are widely known for making cobwebs in corners and ends of rooms, as well as walls inside and outside the home. Different spider species spin different types of webs. Spiders that spin geometric webs are considered safe spiders, while webs with no pattern in particular are usually from black widow spiders and are meant to trap prey.

Underground Holes

Some species of spiders don’t make webs but dig underground by creating holes. Some holes go directly underground, while others may lead to crevices in your home’s foundation. But usually, when a hole is that small, it is certain to come from a spider or another pest that you might have.

Moist, Dark Areas

Spiders generally love places that are damp and dark. One common place where spiders like to go in the home is the basement, as it provides little light, little human activity and plenty of moisture.

If you don’t have a basement, another place to possibly look for signs of spiders is the attic, as it is usually the most humid place in the home. If you own a shed, it too can be a place for spiders to live that provides them with moisture and darkness.

Spider Eggs

Spiders lay eggs inside of a silk sac; around 100 eggs each. These sacs are either carried by a female spider or concealed inside the web. If you see signs of these sacs, it means that more spiders will appear as spiderlings, climbing on walls and getting inside small cracks. Be sure to call pest management services once you see signs of spider eggs or sacs before your situation gets worse.

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