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Keeping the Bugs at Bay: Pest Control 101

The temperatures are starting to get warmer. But, the warmer temperatures also mean the onset of bug season as well. Bugs can be a huge nuisance, especially as the sun goes down. But, it does not have to be. Following these proactive steps can help keep the bugs at bay and allow you to enjoy pest-free spring and summer nights.

Use Fans

Whether you are having a party or trying to enjoy a quiet evening at home, having a few fans blowing can keep the bugs away. Flying insects like flies and mosquitoes do not like strong winds. So, having a fan circulating the air in your house is a sure-fire way to keep them away.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Cleaning the gutters is not a chore anyone enjoys. But, making the effort will not only make sure the rain drains off of your roof properly, it will also help keep pesky bugs away. When you ignore your gutters, you are simply providing a source of food and water for insects and other pests to build homes. Cleaning the gutters removes the attraction and forces insects to find other places to build their nests, leaving your outdoor area alone all day and night.

Use Citronella Candles

Citronella candles have been a trusted method of keeping insects away for a long time simply because they work. They are particularly excellent detractors at night when they can double as light as well. Citronella candles now come in a variety of shapes and styles that fit in with any outdoor decor. So, you can keep the bugs away and not have to worry about sacrificing style.

Use Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are great to use on cool nights. Not only do they provide an immediate source of warmth to take the chill off the spring nights, they also provide the opportunity to create a natural pest control source. All you need to do is add some rosemary or sage to the fire. These herbs are unpleasing to mosquitoes and other insects, so they will stay far away from you while you are enjoying time outside.

Plant Marigolds

Many warm-weather pests stay away from marigolds. So, planting these flowers along the edge of your living areas will help keep them away all spring and summer. You can also put them in containers and place them along the edges of your deck. Not only will you have pleasant aesthetics to look at all day, but you will also have a great bug deterrent at night. If you want to spend your evenings bug-free this year, try one of these easy tricks.

You can also ensure better results by calling in the pest control professionals at Excel Pest Management. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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