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The Trick To Effective Mosquito Control For Your Southern California Yard

July 17, 2020

During the summer months, mosquitoes can make enjoying your Southern California yard impossible. No one likes having mosquitoes around them as they are so obnoxious. They hover around and look for a chance to suck the blood of a host. Because of this, they can hurt when they bite you, and these bites can be quite itchy for days after. ... Read More

A Step-By-Step Ant Control Guide For Southern California Property Owners

May 15, 2020

Southern California is full of attractants, not just for humans, but for ants as well. Ants are the most common household pests. They’re minuscule, they exist in massive colonies, and once they infest, they’re not easy to eliminate. Some of the most common Southern California ants are: Argentine ants Carpenter ants Fire ants Harvester ants Little black ant... Read More


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