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Pests: The Real Fright This Halloween

While ghosts, vampires and werewolves are sure to give you a fright, one of the scariest encounters you may have this Halloween is lurking in your house right now. Bugs, insects and other pests love sugary Halloween candy as much as we do. Here are some tips to keep the holiday spooky for all the right reasons.

Clean up wrappers

As much as we profess to avoid littering, the stray wrapper doesn’t always find its way to its proper place. Just a couple well-deserved candy bars preceding the big day can be an easy target for vermin and insects to latch onto. While seemingly innocuous, wrappers compounded by costumed strangers who may not have the same respect for your lawn as you do pose a serious threat to your leftover candy and the rest of your home by attracting pests. Properly dispose of your candy wrappers to minimize tempting scents in your home.

Don’t hide candy

The candy cache is a sacred tradition, gleefully lasting your child for at least several days. However, with a penchant for stashing valuable sweets for future consumption, they may forget some of their hiding places. Make sure to tell your child not to hide candy. Even if you’re wavering on letting them eat unhealthy food, a couple candy bars may be worth the effort of ridding your home of pests. (And to the parents who also like to indulge in the occasional treat, this applies to you, too!)

Properly store your candy

The best way to keep your candy safe and your house pest-free is to store your candy properly. If a bag is opened, keep it safe in a sealable bag; if individual candies are opened and left uneaten, put them in the refrigerator. And if you make your own goodies like candied apples or popcorn balls, wrap them up individually in plastic wrap. This pest-proofs your food and makes handing out treats all the easier. As an added tip, keep different sweets separated in airtight containers and separated by wax paper; this keeps bugs away and tastes of your food from mingling.

If November arrives and you’re still having issues, trust the professionals and contact Excel Pest Management. We treat the causes of your pest problem, not just the symptoms, and with a free estimate and over 20 years of experience, we promise to protect your home or business, guaranteed or your money back.

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