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Tips to Keep Bed Bugs Out of Multi-Unit Housing Buildings

If you run or manage a multiunit housing building, keeping your residents bed bug-free is vital. Doing so, though, is often much harder than it sounds, and you might not know what you should do or where you can turn for answers. This guide reveals the top tips you can use to keep bed bugs away from your housing unit. You and your residents can then have peace of mind, and you will know you have made a smart decision.

Learn the Signs

Learning the common signs of bed bug activity is vital when you want to prevent them from spreading throughout your property. Bed bugs are hard to spot in the early stages of an infestation because they prefer staying out of sight, but they leave some clues behind.

Look for red stains and discarded bed bug shells on or near mattresses. Bed bugs usually leave small red marks on the skin after they consume a blood meal. Using a flashlight, you can search in the seams of mattresses and under couch cushions when you believe bed bugs are nearby.

Educate the Residents

No matter how hard you try, you can never be everywhere at one time, so you won't always be able to stop bed bugs when acting alone. On the other hand, you can educate your residents about the warning signs of bed bugs to reduce the risk. When you want to improve your odds of success as much as possible, mail flyers to your residents to help them detect bed bugs in the early stages. Let them know to contact you the moment they run into any problems, which goes a long way to keep the pests at bay.

Want to educate yourself about bed bugs? Learn some bed bug myths here:

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Take Preventative Steps

If you believe you have bed bugs on your hands but are not yet sure, taking preventative steps is essential. Instruct your residents to place bed bug traps on the legs of their beds, and you can provide them with diatomaceous earth to spread on the floor. You can also search online for eco-friendly pest control products that can contain the threat and put your fears to rest. Make sure you read the label of each product you use so that you can enjoy the best results possible, and you will be pleased with the outcome.

Get Professional Help

As a landlord, you have a moral and legal obligation to keep your residents safe, so you don't want to take any chances. No amount of research will replace the training and experience of a dedicated pest control expert. If you want to stop bedbugs in their tracks and safeguard your property from these parasites, contact the team at Excel Pest Management. We can treat your property and help you take steps to stop them from coming back, so contact Excel Pest Management right away.

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