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Your Guide to Cockroach Pest Control

This winter make sure you prepare your home so that you don’t get any uninvited guests. As the weather gets colder, cockroaches will definitely try to invade your home to find food and warmth. Roaches will find any nook and cranny to enter in, and they also seek out water sources. Additionally, these pests are master hitchhikers, often coming in via grocery packaging or boxes that are delivered to your doorstep.

Indoor Remedies

There are two common cockroach species found in homes – the smaller German cockroaches and the larger American cockroaches. They usually breed outdoors but will come indoors during cold weather. There are many things that you can do to keep these pests out during the cold winter season.

Most importantly, be sure to store all food in sealed packages, and don’t leave crumbs or open cans of sugary drinks around. Regularly vacuum and sweep floors where food and crumbs may have fallen and keep kitchen countertops clean.

At night, shut off any unnecessary lighting. Roaches are attracted to lights at night, so only leave nightlights on if absolutely necessary.

Outdoor Remedies

In California, there are many remedies you can do outdoors year-round to keep roaches from nesting near your home and coming indoors. First, rake up leaves and other debris around your house, and don’t use excessive mulch or pine straw. These materials make the perfect breeding ground for roaches. Try not to store firewood near your home, and trim back any tree limbs that are hanging over your roof or touching your house to deter roaches from entering that way. Larger American cockroaches can actually fly from a tree branch and land on or in your home.

Be sure to fix any leaky pipes or other water problems you may have inside or outside of your home. Unclog gutters and fix basement leaks or any situation involving standing water. Also, make sure you are not creating an easy way for roaches to get inside your home by fixing any broken windows along with holes or cracks in siding or windowsills.

Last but certainly not least, Excel Pest Control is here to meet all your professional pest control needs. Give us a call today for our pest removal services. We are big enough for any job and small enough to care about your home. We will do an assessment and provide a thorough treatment inside and out to discourage cockroaches from becoming unwanted winter guests.

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