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As a resident of Castaic, CA, you have many landmarks and attractions that you can visit. You also have a police department that will help protect you from criminals. What about pests? You need reputable pest exterminators in your corner so that you can live and work in a critter-free environment. Here at Excel Pest Management, we'll have you covered all year because we understand that an infestation can be very problematic. Rats are known to spread filth and deadly diseases. Termites have notoriety for compromising wooden foundations. Most pests pose a threat to your home and your business. That's why our services are available to you.

Residential Pest Control

From ants and termites to squirrels and gophers, there's no shortage of wild creatures outdoors. Keep this fact in mind so that you won't become unconcerned about the possibility of an infestation. You should also let the exterminators at Excel Pest Management increase your home's protection. We know where to look to find the invading culprit. To your satisfaction, we have the proper equipment not only to remove rodents but also to eradicate critters.

Commercial Pest Control

Your place of business is attractive to all sorts of critters because it's a refuge to them. It provides warmth, food and many hideouts, so getting the intruders to leave is going to require more than just some over-the-counter pesticides. What you need is a comprehensive plan that's specifically designed for your commercial building. Fortunately, the exterminating experts at Excel Pest Management take a personalized approach to eliminate and prevent infestations. We're proficient at servicing a wide range of properties in Castaic:

No Pest in Castaic Can Elude Us

For over 20 years, we have been driving all types of critters out of homes and businesses. Since our exterminators continually train and improve their understanding of pests, you can rest assured that they can provide you with a solution that will keep pesky threats at bay. Let us know when you need assistance with any of the following:

We take the fight to pests so that our customers won't lose an ounce of peace of mind. We even treat properties with eco-friendly strategies, which are based on the guidelines of integrated pest management. To get an estimate on our services, call Excel Pest Management today.