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Located in Los Angeles, Encino is a lively neighborhood in a prime location for anyone who enjoys getting the most from life, and the ones who live here are proud to call it their home.

The problem is that the warm and humid air also attracts rodents, bedbugs, ants and a variety of other invaders that harm homes and offices in the area. If you live here and don't want to let pests get the best of you, learning to spot them in the first stages is vital. You must also know when to contact a caring team of pest control experts to address the issue and rid your property of the invaders for good.

Residential Pest Control

Excel Pest Control is proud to offer residential pest control services to the residents of Encino and nearby locations. You probably place traps in your home and take other steps to prevent invaders from getting inside, but at-home solutions only offer limited results.

Rats that get past your first line of defense can chew holes in your walls and ruin your food, which is only the start. Other pests can also get inside and cause problems of which you might not be aware. Our team will stop pests in their tracks and prevent additional invaders from getting inside, and you will know contacting our team was the smart move.

Commercial Pest Control

If you run a business in Los Angeles or somewhere nearby, you can't afford to let pests onto your property because they will cause all kinds of trouble. You face similar problems to what homeowners encounter when pests get inside your building, but you also have a whole new set of issues about which to worry.

A pest infestation can inflict lasting damage to your reputation because your customers don't want to risk bringing pests back home with them. Depending on the industry in which you operate, a pest problem can cause trouble with your health department. When pests strike, the health department can issue fines or shut down your business. Excel Pest Management stops those problems before they start and provide each client with peace of mind.

Excel Pest Management

In addition to handling standard pest outbreaks faced by the residents of Encino, the Excel Pest Management team also handles a variety of specialty pests:

Our mission is to provide dependable pest control solutions to those who need them the most, and the results we obtain make our clients happy. It won't take you long to see why many people trust us any time pests strike. If you would like to get rid of your pests before they have the opportunity to make even more trouble, call Excel Pest Management for a free quote.