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Gopher Control In Santa Clarita, CA & Surrounding Areas

Getting Rid Of The Gophers On Your Santa Clarita Property

They may be cute when you see them pop up from their holes on the side of the road, but when gophers get onto your Santa Clarita property, you quickly realize how destructive they can be. Gophers damage your lawn by creating tunnel systems under it and dirt mounds on it when they come to the surface. This damage can also be dangerous to the safety of the people who use your lawn. Gophers damage your gardens and trees by eating whatever they can find. They’ll also chew through wires, irrigation systems, underground pipes, and more.

If you suspect that gophers are causing problems on your property, Excel Pest Management can help. We offer gopher control services to eliminate your gopher problem for good. We have more than 25 years of experience solving Southern California’s pest problems, and we are ready to solve yours.

Gopher Control From Excel Pest Management

gopher looking around a yard

When you contact Excel Pest Management for our gopher control services, we come ready to inspect and begin treatment at the same time. Your pest management professional will use a gopher probing tool to identify gopher burrows and the main runway. This is done by identifying the gopher mounds made up of dark, moist soil, then probing the soil near those mounds to find the runways. 

Gopher runways are typically located six to 12 inches below the surface of the ground. Once located, your pest management professional will either inject bait or introduce carbon monoxide into the runway to eliminate the gophers inside. We also offer trapping services in which traps are placed within the gopher’s burrow system.

Our gopher control is available on a one-time or recurring basis. If you choose a one-time treatment, you’ll actually receive three to four services within a one month time period. This ensures the gophers are eradicated from your property.

For recurring treatments, we’ll return to your property three to four times in the first month, then return either monthly or twice a month on a recurring basis afterwards. Depending on your goals and the severity of your gopher problem, your pest management professional may recommend more frequent services to achieve and maintain optimal gopher control.

Keep Your Lawn Gopher-Free

Whether you are experiencing a gopher problem for the very first time or you’ve been dealing with them for years, the help you need is just a phone call away. With Excel Pest Management’s gopher control services, you can be assured that your gopher problem will be a thing of the past. We offer flexible scheduling and treatment options to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to request your gopher control treatment.

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