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Hollywood may seem far-removed from the wilderness due to its urbanized surroundings, but you can't underestimate Mother Nature or Southern California's biodiversity. From ant season to bird migrations, this area is a haven for all kinds of creatures. If you own a home or run a business, this can pose innumerable problems, such as permanent property damage and financial loss.

You need to take measured, decisive action. It's also vital to ensure that your response doesn't have negative repercussions for the environment or your surroundings. With so much to consider and so many providers, it can be hard to choose the right option. Here are some tips that might help.

Commercial Pest Control

The large scale and constant busyness of commercial settings open them to pest problems that demand big thinking. Spot treatments, cursory inspections and half-hearted solutions seldom cut it.

Commercial pest control is vital for businesses that want to attract paying clientele and avoid regulatory crackdowns. Choosing a provider that knows how to leverage integrated pest management, or IPM, techniques is the easiest way to realize a lasting improvement.

Residential Pest Control

Residential architecture demonstrates a surprising amount of variation. Each home bears subtle differences, so when problems crop up, your solutions have to match.

Your residential pest control provider should be minimally invasive yet thorough. Stopping pest problems is really about understanding their causes. In other words, inspections that get to the root of insect, rodent and wildlife infestations are always the first step.

Why Excel Pest Management Is the Superior Option

At Excel Pest Management, we're making Hollywood better by changing how it relates to wildlife. We mitigate seemingly insurmountable pest problems with a range of proven control solutions, such as:

We also provide a comprehensive portfolio of commercial services, including:

With years of experience in effective, ecologically conscious IPM techniques, Excel Pest Management can solve most pest problems. As affiliates of the National Pest Management Association, we have the hands-on expertise and dedication to protect your home or business. Contact Excel Pest Management for a free quote or to schedule service.