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Inglewood, CA Pest Control

Effective Pest Management Solutions In Inglewood, CA

Located deep in the heart of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, Inglewood is a cultural hub of activity and the human population. But, as with all densely populated communities, pests can thrive off of all the properties that can be found around us. Daily human activities produce all the food, water, and shelter that pests could ever want, which is why Inglewood property owners need to learn how they can take steps to combat pest infestations long before one is actually a problem. By partnering with Excel Pest Management, you can be sure you’re always staying on top of any potential invasion. 

Residential Pest Control In Inglewood, CA

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Keeping pests out of your home can seem like a lost cause, especially in dense and urban areas like ours. Pests are able to thrive on the food, water, and shelter that can be found on and around human properties. Even if you do everything right, your untidy neighbor may be attracting pests to your block anyway. That’s why professional pest control is the best protection for your Inglewood property. At Excel Pest Management, we break down our residential pest control into the following steps:

  • Inspection: First things first, we get to know your property and its level of pest risk. Whether pests are already there or you need preventative treatments to make sure they never are, our inspections will reveal the best course of action for you. 
  • Treatment: Depending on your level of need, we apply treatments that are safe and effective. Our services are designed to protect you against a wide range of pest concerns. 
  • Follow-up: Even with a comprehensive approach, the key to proper pest control is to stay on top of it. That’s why we always check back with you a few weeks after our initial service to make sure our methods are working.

For true residential pest control in Inglewood, contact Excel Pest Management today.  

Commercial Pest Control In Inglewood, CA

As big of a problem as pests can be inside of homes, they can pose even greater risks to businesses. Not only are there more people around for them to scare and affect, but businesses also stake their reputations on providing clean goods and services at clean storefronts and offices. That means a pest problem can cost you money and good standing in your community. This is why businesses should partner with experts for commercial pest control done right. At Excel Pest Management, we can help the following businesses:

  • Healthcare: Doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics of all kinds need to be clean, so pest problems can really hurt their reputation. We make sure pest infestations never form and can promptly remove ones that invade. 
  • Hospitality: Hotels are places where people from all over come to stay, meaning the chances of bed bugs or other pests being brought in from outside are increased. Plus, hotels tend to have their own food service areas and other attractants that pests look for. 
  • Housing: Apartment complexes are designed to hold multiple families, but more households mean more things that attract pests.

We help many other kinds of businesses, too, so no matter what property you own in Inglewood, turn to Excel Pest Management for proper commercial pest control today. 

Five Easy Ways To Keep Rodents Off Your Property In Inglewood

The reality of rodents in Southern California is that they can be a year-round problem. Thanks to our consistently warm and dry weather, pests can thrive both indoors and outdoors regardless of the season. That’s why property owners need to address these factors in order to reduce their risk:

  • Food: Crumbs or stored foods can provide rodents with all the meals they need to survive, so proper storage and cleanup are important.
  • Trash: Rodents can also get into garbage cans and dumpsters, too, however, so you need to make sure they don’t have easy access to these receptacles.
  • Moisture: Pests are drawn to moist areas, plus water damage can lead to new access points for rodents to claw through. 
  • Cracks: Speaking of clawing through, even small cracks or holes can be dug through or bitten repeatedly by their tough teeth in order to create a larger access point for them to utilize. 
  • Treatments: The best form of protection comes from monitoring and treatment services offered by professionals. So turn to the experts instead of trying to keep up on all this by yourself.

Deal with Southern California rodents the right way by contacting Excel Pest Management today. 

Is Professional Mosquito Treatment Right For My Inglewood Home?

Mosquitoes are the kind of pest that can seem like no big deal because of how common they are. But make no mistake, mosquito problems can be truly dangerous. They carry diseases and reproduce quickly, so a population in your yard can quickly grow into a larger and more difficult to remove the problem. Because they are attracted to our properties to bite people and animals, mosquitoes can be a pain to truly keep away. This is why professional treatments are your best option.

From preventative treatments that shield your property from pest populations in the first place to products that eliminate mosquitoes and their eggs completely, expert mosquito control is your best bet for keeping mosquitoes away. For proper mosquito prevention, you can trust, contact Excel Pest Management today. 


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