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Los Angeles, CA Pest Control

Effective Pest Management Solutions In Los Angeles, CA

The city of Los Angeles is a place where people from all over the world come to chase their dreams. Whatever dream it is that you’re chasing, we’re certain that pest activity isn’t part of the picture. Infestation isn’t exactly what you imagine when you picture L.A., but it’s a year-round reality that property owners should be prepared to face. It’s not something you want to face alone, however, which is why we’re here. You can count on Excel Pest Management for the best pest protection in the area.
We are a niche pest control company with over 25 years of combined experience in the complete identification, elimination, and prevention of pest activity. Our team is highly dedicated to offering complete pest control services to properties throughout Los Angeles County, and the surrounding areas. We are a value-driven, service-oriented company with a commitment to excellence and lasting results. Contact us today for your complimentary estimate and inspection.

Residential Pest Control In Los Angeles, CA

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There are a lot of homes here in L.A., each unique in their own way. One thing they all have in common, however, is the threat of household pest infestation. In order to keep the community pest-free, Excel Pest Management provides reliable residential pest control services that local homeowners can depend on. Whatever your pest situation, we’re here to help. After we conduct a full inspection, we’ll come up with a treatment plan just for you.
We cover both the interior and exterior of your property, concentrating on common problem areas like attics, crawlspaces, garages, light fixtures, eaves, and vegetation. Our team is proud to utilize non-chemical treatments, reduced risk methods, and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to exterminate all pest activity from your property. Our follow-up services are scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to meet your needs, and all of our residential services come with a 30-day guarantee. That means if pests come back between service visits, we’ll re-treat the area for free. Reach out today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Los Angeles, CA

No matter what kind of business you run here in L.A., the competition is fierce, meaning it crucial to maintain a good reputation. Well, nothing ruins a reputation quite like pest infestation. It’s a complete nightmare that can have a detrimental effect on your business. Our commercial pest control solutions protect a variety of local businesses, such as hotels, offices, restaurants, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and multi-unit housing.
After conducting a thorough inspection, our team works with you to come up with a customized treatment plan. In addition to our general pest control services, we offer specialized services for wildlife, bees, bed bugs, and others. Our follow up services are scheduled upon request, available on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis to suit your needs. Contact us for a detailed estimate, and we’ll get your inspection scheduled as soon as possible.

Five Cockroach Control Tips For Los Angeles Businesses

Cockroaches cause large-scale contamination that poses a risk to all of your customers and employees. In order to protect everyone, it’s important to be proactive. Getting ahead of the problem is the best approach, so prevention is key. Here are 5 cockroach control tips to guard your Los Angeles business from cockroach activity:

  • Apply weather stripping around windows and doors.
  • Don’t leave out food, and store it in sealed, air-tight containers.
  • Reduce sources of humidity and excess moisture.
  • Seal spaces around wires, cables, pipes, and other utilities.
  • Take out the trash regularly, and store it outside in a sealed bin.

While all of the tips mentioned above can go a long way in reducing your exposure to cockroach activity, some of them can still manage to get in. They move indoors once the weather gets cooler, and they can be pretty sneaky about gaining entry into your business. Contact Excel Pest Management today to take care of all your cockroach control and prevention needs.

How To Control Bed Bugs In Your Los Angeles Home

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that hide in our sheets during the day, and emerge at night to feast on our blood. It’s pretty much an invasive pest nightmare, and homeowners should avoid it at all costs. If you want to be proactive in your efforts to control bed bugs around your Los Angeles home, here are some preventative tips to consider:

  • Wash and dry all linens, bedding, and clothing on high heat.
  • Steam clean and vacuum carpets, upholstery, rugs, curtains, etc.
  • Get rid of any clutter around the property to reduce potential harborage areas.
  • Put protective encasements around all mattresses and box springs.
  • Thoroughly inspect all items for signs of bed bugs before bringing them inside.

The most reliable way to deal with a bed bug infestation is to contact a team of qualified pest experts. The team at Excel Pest Management offers complete bed bug control services that treat and eliminate the problem at its core. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started right away.


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