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Known for being the beautiful home of numerous celebrities, Malibu, California is an amazing area where the elite, tourists and residents come together to create a beautiful community. While it is best known for its gorgeous beaches, Malibu also boasts many hiking trails and extraordinary natural beauty. History is also prominent here with Spanish revival buildings looking stately against the mountainous backdrop.

Malibu may be the home of actors, singers and many other celebrities, but it is not immune to the problems inherent in everyday life. One of these problems is pests, which infest homes and businesses, seeming not to care about the wealth or status of the owner. Pests are more than just irksome to see crawling around the perimeter of buildings or sneaking through cabinets. They also create problems for the integrity of the home, make homeowners feel uneasy, decrease customer growth at businesses and create major infestations with possible disease growth in the process.

Residential Pest Control

With residential pest control, homeowners can feel that their homes are truly their own and that they are not sharing the space with insects, rodents and animal pests that destroy the yard, invade the kitchen and basement and dirty the space. To properly control these pests, a technician must first determine exactly what insect or animal is causing the problem in order to choose the best solution. Education and safe solutions for animals and pets are keystones to this process.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests can also slip unnoticed into commercial spaces, growing in numbers overnight. Pests can create problems within the structure itself and can ruin machinery, assets and customer confidence. Excel Pest Management provides quick solutions and promises 24-hour emergency services for time-sensitive needs.

Services Offered

Excel Pest Management provides services to protect against the following types of pests.

Commercial Buildings Serviced

Excel Pest Management services all types of commercial buildings, including those that are mainly industrial as well as those that are in the service industry. The following is a brief list of some of the many building types in which Excel can work.

If you are having trouble with pests of any kind at your home or you are a business owner wanting to protect your business investments, consider Excel Pest Management for your needs. We know that you will love our small-town friendliness but will appreciate our wide array of services perfect for needs of any size. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a free quote, and discover how you can live pest-free with great peace of mind.