Multi-Family Housing Pest Control Services

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Excel Pest Management is committed to managing outdoor and indoor pest in a way that protects human health and the surrounding environment through the most effective, least toxic options based on IPM guidelines with over 20 years of experience why not trust Excel to resolve your pest management needs.

Excel Pest Management will Integrate IPM elements and customize them to fit your property. Then, our Multi-Family property team of highly trained technician’s will implement our SmartSolutions IPM Program that uses scientifically advanced, minimally invasive pest control treatments to help keep pests and the damage they can do to a minimum.

Keeping Living Spaces Clean

Excel’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is our SmartSolutions process for achieving long-term environmentally sound pest control by utilizing various non-chemical and reduced-risk chemical methods. IPM focuses on pest prevention by identifying and eliminating conditions conducive to pest activity, and to impede or avoid future pest infestations. IPM treats the causes of pest infestations instead of the symptoms. We rely on data collection through regular building inspections and pest monitoring. Treatment focuses on reducing and eventually eliminating sources of food, water and harborage available to pests and limiting access into and throughout buildings.

To learn more about how we can help keep pests from disturbing MultiFamily Housing complexes, contact Excel Pest Management today!