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Commercial pest control is critical for the success of any enterprise. This is true regardless of the size of the operation. Pest management often includes preventative measures that can help you to avoid the long-term costs associated with a pest infestation within a commercial zone. These are areas of the city that are regulated differently from residential properties, and violations can result in stiff penalties, fines or other fees. If the pest infestation is not resolved, the business can be shut down by the regulating authorities in that area.

Pest Control for Businesses

Businesses face additional requirements when it comes to controlling pest infestations. At Excel Pest Management, we provide business owners and managers with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about their specific pest control needs. Every situation is slightly different, so we always conduct a comprehensive interview before planning the strategy for pest control.


Regulations on these properties are extremely strict, and the presence of pests can result in various penalties and fines. In some cases, the hospital might be forced to close. The health of patients could be at risk, and this often leads to lawsuits. Avoid the dangers of pest infestations in a hospital setting by contacting our service professionals at the first sign of a problem.


The hospitality industry is subjected to the same type of rigorous requirements that govern restaurants and other food service businesses. Pest control is at the top of the priority list for business owners. If an infestation is discovered, health authorities will frequently close down the operation, and this can be devastating financially for the owners.

Industrial Properties

These areas are zoned for specific types of commercial use, so pest control is extremely important. The business owners and even managers face additional liabilities if any pests manage to build a colony on the property without being detected. The best solution to this hazard is to have periodic check-ups on the property and building to ensure that the area is pest free all year long.

Mixed Use Properties

These are specific types of properties that can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. This often happens at the same time; however, just because there is a permit for people to use the space as a living environment doesn’t mean that these spaces are exempt from rules that govern commercial properties.


Retail store owners are liable for any damages that are associated with a pest invasion. This can include problems with certain types of merchandise, but it might also extend to the health of the customers who patronize the retail store. Protect your business against liability by investing in adequate pest control measures that will prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place. This is the best method of pest control, and it can save your business time and money.

Excel Pest Management Solutions

Our service professionals understand the dangers associated with pest infestations on commercial properties. We are dedicated to eliminating these pests from your business as fast as possible so that you can avoid the penalties associated with an infestation. If you notice early signs of pests on your property, contact us immediately for a service quote. Contact Excel Pest Management and let our team provide you with additional details about our services and products so that you can make an informed decision about your pest control needs.