Rodent Control

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Rodent control in and around your home or business starts with a good inspection by one of our qualified pest specialists. Our pest specialists will conduct an initial walk through of your property in order to identify possible entry ways and rodent harborage areas. Doing so will allow us to properly service your home or business in a safe and efficient manner.


Proper rodent control begins with proper species identification in and around your home or business. All rodent infestations are not alike, but your technician is sufficiently trained to identify rodent features, biology and habits that allow us to help eliminate rodent infestations in and around your home or business.


Because rodents may fit through openings as small as a dime, it is extremely important to locate and address these small access points in and around your home or business. Your technician is equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge and training in order to locate and seal most openings giving rodents the access they need into your home or business.


Rodent habits and biology allow us to strategically place traps in specific areas known to be most effective. Rodent devices can be hidden or placed in tamper resistant boxes that allow your technician to be discreet, safe and effective for optimal rodent management and control in and around your home or business.

Ongoing Service

Your pest specialist will return on a regularly scheduled service date to maintain traps and stations as needed for maximum effectiveness and rodent population control and incorporate a minimally invasive SmartSolutions Integrated Pest Management Program. Maintaining rodent populations down throughout the year is crucial in maintaining a rodent free environment. In addition, cooperation or joint efforts between you and your neighbors can result in greater success rates. Contact us today and let our team help you rid those rodents!