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Located just outside Santa Clarita, Stevenson Ranch is an unincorporated city of nearly 20,000 that appeals to residents who want to be just outside Los Angeles and to businesses who are looking for a quieter location. This family-friendly city is known for quiet residential areas, amazing schools and beautiful parks.

However, not everything is perfect in Stevenson Ranch. Just like all other cities, the area has a variety of insects, rodents and other creatures that make problems for home and business owners. These pests can ruin yards, destroy buildings, get into food sources, create rashes and other diseases and bring stress. To be controlled effectively, professional help is required.

Residential Pest Control

While every homeowner expects to see a few ants in the yard, no one expects to see a trail of them crawling through a cupboard. Ants are just one of the many pests that can infest a home. The most concerning disease-causing pests these days include ticks, which often carry Lyme disease, and mosquitoes, which are known for the West Nile virus. Excel provides long-term solutions to keep pests out of yards and homes lax.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests can create huge problems in commercial buildings as well. Not only do they make it uncomfortable for employees working there, but also they create concern among customers. Some businesses, such as those in the hospitality industry, may see their income drop due to infestations, and businesses in the food industry could be shut down without proper pest control. With Excel Pest Management’s 24-hour emergency service, businesses can get up and running quickly by finding and treating the source of the infestation.

Pests Treated

Highly trained Excel technicians treat all types of pests, including those that have bothered the area for decades.

Excel can also provide wildlife control for birds, squirrels, gophers, mice and more.

Commercial Pest Services

Any type of commercial building can be prone to pest infestations although some buildings are more at risk because of what is inside them. Excel treats the following types of buildings.

Pests in homes or businesses can quickly get out of control, rising in numbers overnight and causing much damage, stress and disease in the process. If you are tired of living with pests on your property, have been unsuccessful in treating them yourself or simply want to make sure that you are protected from future pest problems, contact Excel Pest Management today. We offer simple solutions, quick service and free service price quotes.