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Thousand Oaks, CA, boasts a fascinating history and thriving economy. Once the site of Jungleland, one of the state's first theme parks, the community has also hosted countless film crews. In fact, Jungleland was essential to attracting film companies to Thousand Oaks in the 1920s. Today, impressive home values and top-notch career opportunities are major draws.

The Need for Pest Control

Job seekers and families aren't the only ones making themselves at home in this Ventura County city. Even this charming community can't avoid invasions by insects, spiders and rodents. From ants to rats, pests of every variety threaten to put a damper on your enjoyment of the good life. Luckily, Excel Pest Management offers safe, effective pest-control services to keep your home or business safe and comfortable.

Residential Pest Control


Many homeowners are unaware of the dangers rodent pose. You may have heard that mouse droppings can transmit a dangerous virus, or that their larger, scarier counterparts spread rat-bite fever. But did you know that mice, rats, gophers and squirrels can start fires? Thanks to their ever-growing teeth, rodents gnaw on almost anything they find. Unfortunately, that can include materials ranging from wood and plastic to electrical wires. Although you probably need little or no motivation to get rid of a rodent problem, it's easy to see why professional pest services are in order if you hear clawing sounds in the walls, rafters or cabinets. You might also spot droppings, urine or greasy rub marks.


Carpenter ants and termites also rank high among troublesome pests. It's crucial that homeowners eliminate or, better yet, prevent infestations to avoid costly repairs. These destructive bugs leave few clues to their existence as they burrow away at structural wood. Bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets pose a different type of hazard. Stinging insects can trigger serious allergic reactions, even in those with no prior signs of allergies. All of these bugs require expert help for safe, thorough elimination and prevention.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners must worry about the health and safety of their buildings' inhabitants, visitors and physical assets. They have the added worry of protecting their reputation in the event of a bed bud infestation, cockroach spotting or other public evidence of creepy crawlers. Public images can be ruined quickly, especially with the impact of social media and review sites. If you own or manage a business, consider how essential a pest management strategy is to your company.

Protect your Thousand Oaks home, business or both with help from Excel Pest Management. We provide the following services:

We help prevent and eliminate ants, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents and other pests. Contact us today for a quote.