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Torrance, CA Pest Control

Effective Pest Management Solutions In Torrance, CA

With its ideal mix of suburban and urban, the coastal city of Torrance is ideal for young working professionals and families alike. With its proximity to Los Angeles, Torrance boasts metropolitan access while also having tons of local shops, attractions, restaurants, and highly rated public schools of its own. The area is mildly warm all year long, with little to no rainfall, making it enjoyable for outdoor enthusiasts but also tremendously attractive to common area pests like bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, spiders, and more. 

With more than 25 years of combined experience, the team at Excel Pest Management is big enough for any job, but small enough to care. Our emphasis is on providing homeowners and businesses of Los Angeles County with reliable, customized, and value-driven pest control solutions, no matter the problem. Contact us today for more information on keeping your property pest-free. 

Residential Pest Control In Torrance, CA

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At Excel Pest Control, we believe in providing Torrance families with safe, effective, and affordable pest control that they can trust. It’s why we guarantee all of our services, only staff with highly-trained technicians, and have an emphasis on our clients’ satisfaction. During our initial inspection, our technicians seek to gain a total understanding of your pest infestation and what might have caused it, or if you’re not facing a pest problem, we’ll work to determine if any conditions on your property could potentially lead to an infestation. Either way, Excel Pest Management is here to help. Contact us today for more information on keeping your Torrance home pest-free. 

Commercial Pest Control In Torrance, CA

As a locally-owned business, we understand what our fellow business owners undergo on any given day. That’s why it’s our mission to provide Torrance businesses with premier pest control services for any situation. No matter what your needs are, we’ll work together to determine a treatment, follow-up, and maintenance plan that will help you accomplish your pest control goals. We service restaurants, hospitality, retail establishments, medical facilities, and more from pests like termites, bed bugs, and rodents, all of which can cause you unexpected and costly damage. When it comes to protecting your business, proactive pest control is one of the best things you can do. Don’t wait; contact Excel Pest Management today and keep your business pest-free. 

How To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Torrance Home

Having bed bugs is the worst. They hide in hard-to-see places and multiply thanks to a free blood meal that they take from you in your sleep. Avoiding bed bugs in your Torrance home is crucial. Here are a few ways to keep them out:

  • Always inspect secondhand items. One of the most common ways that bed bugs make it inside your home is via used items like couches, mattresses, and kitchen appliances. Before bringing any of these items home with you, inspect them thoroughly and always ask where and how they’ve been stored, as storage units are a common environment for bed bugs.

  • Travel safely. Another highly common way that people bring bed bugs home is through travel. After taking public transportation or staying at a hotel, always check your clothes and store any worn clothes in a secure bag, cleaning those clothes upon arriving home.

  • Limit other pests. Rodents and wildlife are also significantly responsible for spreading bed bugs along with other parasites like mites, fleas, and ticks due to the unsanitary places they hang out before coming to your property. Aim to limit their presence on your property.

Most of the time, homeowners try to handle a bed bug infestation on their own, however, if you miss even just a few bed bugs, the problem could grow exponentially. That’s why the safest and most effective thing you can do to keep bed bugs away from your home is to call the professionals at Excel Pest Management today. Learn more about bed bug control today!

Answers To Torrance's Most Frequently Asked Ant Control Questions 

Ants are America’s most common nuisance pest, which means that you will probably encounter them at some point on your Torrance property. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about ants in the area:

  • What are ants attracted to? Ants are primarily attracted to human food, particularly of the sugary type, so think syrup, baby food, and soda. That said, they also come into your home looking for areas of moisture, so leaky faucets, drains, and toilets.

  • How did ants get inside my property? Due to their small size, ants can find their way through the smallest of cracks, crevices, or other vulnerabilities in your property’s foundation.

  • Are ants dangerous for my health? Many ants do not pose a significant risk to your health, however, species like fire ants or Pharaoh ants do sting and can prove harmful to your health.

  • Can ants damage my home? While most ants are just an unsightly nuisance, carpenter ants can actually do a lot of damage to the structure of your property. They do so by burrowing in any areas of wood, similarly to how termites operate.

  • How do I get rid of ants for good? You call the professionals! Preventing ants from congregating in or around your property is difficult, given the way humans live, which is why the best thing you can do is contact a professional exterminator.

For total protection against ants, or for more information about preventing them, contact Excel Pest Management today for ant control.


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