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Valencia, CA Pest Control

Dependable, Customizable Pest Control Services In Valencia, CA

Valencia is a community located in Los Angeles County and is home to a wide range of common pests. If pests such as termites, flies, or rodents are causing problems around your property, the professionals here at Excel Pest Management can help. We offer many different solutions to combat pest pressures of all shapes and sizes. With our licensed pest management professionals on the job, you can rest assured that your Valencia home or business will remain free of pests throughout the entire year. Reach out to Excel Pest Management today to ask about all of our residential and commercial pest control options.

Residential Pest Control In Valencia, CA

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Pests can cause all kinds of problems when they live in or around your Valencia home. They can introduce harmful bacteria into your home, spread diseases to your family, and damage your personal property. To rid your home of the many pests that live in our area, partner with the skilled pest technicians here at Excel Pest Management. Our Bronze, Silver, and Gold home pest control programs include ongoing treatments to deal with current pest problems and prevent new pest infestations from occurring in the future. If you have residential pest problems, we have answers! Get in touch with the professionals here at Excel Pest Management today for more information about our residential pest control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Valencia, CA

It only takes one fly or mouse in your Valencia business to push away potential customers and create a negative reputation for your company. The most important thing you can do to prevent pests from causing problems in and around your commercial facility is to implement a commercial pest control plan from Excel Pest Management. All of our commercial pest control services are customizable to ensure we meet the unique needs of your layout, budget, and industry. We will work with you to develop a customized commercial pest control plan to protect your business from common area pests year-round. Don’t wait for pests to take over your business and scare away your customers. Instead, reach out to Excel Pest Management today!

Keep Flies Out Of Your Valencia Property

Flies are small, two-winged insects that are often found around farms, garbage dumps, and other unsanitary places. But did you know that flies are also found inside homes and businesses? Despite their small size, flies can cause major problems when they enter your Valencia property. Not only are they annoying, but they can also spread all kinds of bacteria and pathogens into your home or business. House flies are known to spread diseases such as:

  • Cholera

  • Salmonellosis

  • Dysentery

  • Typhoid fever

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Tuberculosis

  • & more

The most effective way to ensure flies are eliminated is with the help of the highly-trained pest management professionals here at Excel Pest Management. We have the experience and dedication needed to deal with many common pest problems, including flies. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to ask about our fly treatments and prevention methods.

Termite Facts Everyone In Valencia, CA Ought To Know

Termites are destructive insects that are known for the extensive damage they can inflict on your Valencia property. They live in large nests underneath the soil and feed on items made of cellulose, which is a material found in wood. Although termites benefit the environment by breaking down decaying organic materials, you don’t want to find these tiny white pests in your home or business. When it comes to dealing with a termite infestation in or around your Valencia property, understanding more about their common habits and behaviors is important. Below are a few facts that everyone should know about termites:

  • There are over 2,700 species of termites throughout the world. Thankfully, only a few species are known to invade residential and commercial properties. The most common species of termites found in the United States are eastern subterranean termites.

  • Termites are active year-round. These busy insects work all day, every day, 365 days of the year to build, feed, and protect their colonies. In fact, termites never even stop working to sleep!

  • The average United States homeowner spends about $3,000 to repair termite damage each year.

  • Termites depend on moisture to survive, which is why they often infest dead, decaying, and water-damaged wood.

  • Termite colonies are divided into three castes: workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Soldier termites defend the colony from other insects and perceived threats, reproductive termites have wings and are responsible for creating new colonies, and worker termites maintain the tunnels and feed their young.

If you believe termites are living in your Valencia property, get in touch with the experienced pest management professionals here at Excel Pest Management today. We’re ready to provide effective termite control services you can trust, to keep your home or business protected from termites year-round.


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