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Valencia is a newer neighborhood in Santa Clarita. This part of Southern California has been carefully planned, allowing each neighborhood to grow logically. It is no surprise, therefore, that Valencia is a comfortable place to live. Most people have heard of Valencia because it is home to a Six Flags amusement park. However, Valencia is also home to a number of unseemly pests.

Anyone who owns a home or operates a business in Valenica could be at risk. Therefore, being educated about the advantages of pest control in Valencia can be beneficial.

Residential Pest Control

The truth is that most homeowners do not notice a pest problem until it has become an infestation. That is why we take every call for residential pest control seriously. For a residential call, we look through the entire home from top to bottom. We will also scour the exterior and the yard. This is the only way to see where the problem originates. Once the pest has been identified, a plan of attack must be created. In most cases, this plan involves multiple treatments. This allows the pests to be fully eradicated and minimizes the risk of recurrence. Subsequent treatments are critical. All it takes is a few pests for the infestation to start again.

Commercial Pest Control

If a business has an unchecked pest problem, then it will inevitably start to impact the business's ability to serve customers. For dire situations, emergency treatment options are available to get rid of an infestation. However, commercial clients can also choose preventative measures. These treatments are administered routinely in order to stop problems before they become visible. This is the best way to ensure that pests never get a foothold. Treatment options vary depending on the type of pest, the size of the building and the nature of the business. Developing a treatment plan can only be successful when you work with an experienced professional.

Our Pest Control Services

For any type of pest control in Valencia, Excel Pest Management is here. At Excel Pest Management, we know how to handle the common pests in the area. Our expertise covers the following pests.

We serve all residential properties in Valenica. We are able to provide service for the following commercial properties.

There are a lot of pest problems. We have the solutions you need. If your home or business has a pest problem, call Excel Pest Management for a free service quote.