9 Effective Cockroach Prevention Tips For Southern California Homeowners


Cockroaches can survive just about anywhere, but they tend to congregate in warm, densely populated areas. Southern California is a testament to this; though SoCal is often viewed as paradise on Earth, a cockroach problem can quickly change that view. Roaches seem to infest thousands of Southern California homes every year, but they don’t have to. Let’s review why cockroach infestations are so common and what Southern California residents should do to keep these pests away.

Cockroach Identification Tips

There are a few different types of cockroaches that bother Southern California homes, but they all have the same general traits. A cockroach has six spiny legs, two body-length antennae, and flat, oval-shaped bodies. You might not see a cockroach up close, but you’ll definitely see one as it runs from place to place.

Some cockroaches have wings, though most do not fly. Rather, these nocturnal pests scuttle around at night, which is why you often don’t see them until dusk or dawn.

Cockroaches range from ½ an inch to over 3 inches, and their colors range from tan to reddish-brown, brown, and black. No matter the size, color, or shape, all cockroaches are dangerous to human health, as they can spread diseases such as giardia, listeria, diphtheria, and the bubonic plague.

Prevention is key when it comes to cockroaches, otherwise, a problem can last for months, exposing you to thousands of pathogens. Consider the following tips as part of a greater prevention plan for roaches.

9 Cockroach Prevention Tips

1. Reduce household clutter. Cockroaches gravitate towards cool, cluttered areas, where they eventually nest and mate.

2. Clean beneath appliances. The space beneath your fridge, oven, or furnace is a comfortable nesting spot for cockroaches.

3. Ventilate your home. Areas with a lot of moisture attract cockroaches, including the bathroom, kitchen, attic, and basement.

4. Drain puddles outside. Standing water, birdbaths, and gutters can all attract cockroaches.

5. Keep trash indoors. Outdoor trash bins and receptacles attract cockroaches; even if they are locked and secured, roaches will find a way in.

6. Keep food securely stored. Cockroaches will do anything they can to get in your pantry. Food that is left out will undoubtedly attract them.

7. Check your bags and deliveries. Cockroaches will sometimes hitch a ride, so make sure one didn’t crawl into the objects you bring inside.

8. Remove composting and other organic materials outside. Even piles of wood and leaves are enough to attract cockroaches. Once they settle into your yard they are far more likely to gain entry into your home.

9. Seal any cracks and crevices around the house. Especially search around the perimeter of your windows, doors, and vents. If you feel air leaking, cockroaches can find a way inside. Weatherstripping and screens should be in good working order and caulking used to seal any cracks in the foundation or walls.

Unfortunately, no cockroach prevention plan is comprehensive enough to keep these pests out entirely. Infestations are bound to happen in Southern California, though with these tips they will occur far less frequently.

Nonetheless, if you spot roaches in the house, it’s probably too late to get rid of them yourself as these pests can reproduce quickly. Rather, contact your local pest control professionals to get rid of roaches for you. The experts at Excel Pest Control offer professional cockroach control treatments and are ready to treat your SoCal property, so reach out today, and we’ll remove these problem pests before they can spread any diseases.