Los Angeles Resident’s Complete Termite Prevention Guide


Termites are particularly problematic pests in Los Angeles and elsewhere because they’re active year-round. But in the City of Angels, these pests may be particularly lively.

Termites can adapt to a range of temperatures, including wintertime conditions, but they thrive in 75 to 95-degree weather. Los Angeles is primarily warm from March through November and mild year-round, so these pests have plenty of opportunities to flourish in your home if it’s not protected. And once these pests have found their way indoors, homes provide particularly favorable conditions for termites to prosper.

Read on to learn about termite season in Los Angeles, as well as how to know if your Los Angeles home has termites and what a termite infestation looks like. Excel Pest Management has the expertise you need if you suspect there are termites in your Los Angeles home. We’ll provide a bit about our niche pest control business and how we can treat termites and other pests.

When Is Termite Season In Los Angeles?

Due to the suitable temperate conditions, termites are active year-round in Los Angeles and throughout California. However, there are set times when certain species of termites swarm.

When “swarming” occurs, winged adult termites fly away from their colonies to form new ones. Swarming tends to occur during the daytime, and although most termites swarm in warm-weather months, it can also occur in a heated building during the wintertime. The time that termites swarm depends on their species.

The species known to cause the most damage to homes are the western subterranean termite and the western drywood termite. Western subterranean termites swarm in the spring and summer, usually after rainfall. Western drywood termites swarm from September to October on sunny, warm days.

How Do I Know If My Los Angeles Home Has Termites?

Aside from swarming, if you have termites in your Los Angeles home, you’ll notice a few telltale signs. Here are three:

  1. Termite droppings are called frass, resemble coffee grounds, and are found around tunnel openings or small holes in the drywall (the size of a pinpoint made by the termites). If you find a mound of droppings, you likely have termites.
  2. Hollow-sounding wood is caused by the destruction of termites eating the wooden components of your home from the inside out. Knocking on walls may produce a hollow sound if you have extensive termite damage.
  3. Clicking sounds in your walls. Termites communicate with each other by making clicking noises, which you might hear coming from the inside of your walls.

What Does A Termite Infestation In The Los Angeles Area Look Like?

An active termite infestation in a Los Angeles home has the following characteristics:

  • Mud tubes, created from a combination of dirt and the termites’ saliva, extend between open areas so that they can reach more wood.
  • Live termites are seen on your property, like in soil or rotting wood.
  • Damage to wood, causing it to darken, bend, blister, or collapse over time. The damage can resemble water damage.

How Does Excel Get Rid Of Termites In Los Angeles?

Termites are the type of pest that can go unnoticed for quite some time, all the while causing much damage to the integrity of your home and wooden structures, such as sheds and garages, on your property. Excel Pest Management has more than 25 years of combined experience. Along with expertise in termite control, we are service-oriented and consider ourselves a niche pest control company, catering to the specific pest problem of each customer.

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