Why You Should Prioritize Ant Treatments In Santa Clarita


Ant control in Santa Clarita may not seem like a big priority for your home, but proactive treatment and prevention steps are the keys if you ever need ant control solutions. Follow the tips in our article to learn how to get rid of ants and reach out to Santa Clarita pest control for more information.

The Importance Of Regular Ant Control Treatments

Effective ant control for your Santa Clarita home depends on regular treatments. These treatments are necessary because they will address and eliminate active infestations of this pest, but they will also protect your home from re-infestation. These steps are essential to stop the destruction that ants can bring to your property and protect yourself and your loved ones from the diseases that ants will introduce to your home.

Without proper ant control in your house and proactive outdoor ant control, your home can be quickly overtaken by ants that contaminate surfaces, bite you and your loved ones, or damage your home.

Should I Kill Ants I See Around My Home?

Even though it might seem like a quick fix to kill any ant you see invading your home, this may make your problem worse. First, when you threaten or kill ants, they release an alarm pheromone that may bring other ants to your home to investigate the situation, making things worse.

Additionally, the ants in your home are most likely worker ants. If you kill all of these ants on contact, it will be hard to find the source of the colony. Unless you trace back where the root source of the ants is, you will indeed be met with repeated infestations of ants as they live on your property.

You should contact Excel Pest Management at the first signs of ants in your home to treat and eliminate infestations of this pest properly.

Is It Safe To Spray Store-Bought Ant Spray In My Home?

Whether or not your store-bought ant spray is safe for your home depends on your product. For the most part, unless you are using a naturally or botanically derived product, you will need to be very careful applying store-bought ant spray in your home because it can be toxic to children and pets. A better alternative to DIY ant sprays is to trust our professionals at Excel Pest Management to treat your ant problems with non-chemical and reduced-risk chemical methods.

Solving Nuisance Ant Problems In Santa Clarita

To solve your ant problems in Santa Clarita, you can put some of the following prevention tips into place:

  • Seal potential ant entries to your homes, such as cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation.
  • Store leftover food properly and refrain from leaving out dirty dishes or food and drink spills.
  • Seal trash tightly and dispose of trash promptly.
  • Fix leaks or moisture issues that create pools of water, as these attract ants.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris and the grass trimmed low to reduce ant hiding spots.

If you need more help eliminating an ant infestation around your home, you should contact Excel Pest Management immediately. With over 25 years of experience and reliable pest control techniques, we can eliminate your ant problem in no time, and you can reclaim your Santa Clarita home from this pesky biting pest.