What To Do About Bed Bugs Infesting My Southern California Home

bed bug

Most insects and creatures can scratch, sting, or bite you. In addition, they might expose you to germs and illnesses. Concerning property, they could ruin just about anything. Bed bugs, for instance, are active nibblers that could cause a lot of problems. It takes advanced pest control in Southern California to combat them.

If bed bugs don’t drink the blood of humans and animals, they’ll surely die. You’ll know they’ve gotten to you by the red and itchy welts they leave. Bed bug control is needed for maximum protection. These critters have many hiding spots for their massive populations. Learn now what causes bed bugs and how to check for bed bugs. Also, discover how to get rid of bed bugs with help from Excel Pest Management.

Do Bed Bugs In My Home Mean It's Dirty?

Having an untidy home or business isn’t what causes bed bugs; it's the available blood. With that in mind, animal-friendly locations and public places are hubs for these pests. You can encounter them while in a field or a movie theater. Farms, airports, offices, bus stations, hotels, and schools could all have issues. Getting into your clothes and bags is how bed bugs travel. Once they’ve reached their destination, they’ll crawl around the following:

  • Appliances
  • Couches
  • Wood Trim
  • Wallpaper
  • Mattresses
  • Flooring
  • Fabrics
  • Electronics
  • Upholstery

Bed bugs are 0.25 of an inch long. Their globular bodies are reddish-brown. You might think of apple seeds when you see them. Every part of them is round except their misshapen midsection. Two antennas are on their head, which is smaller than their tail, and they have six legs. When they release their pearly white eggs, translucent young will eventually come out.

A bed bug infestation is developing if you begin to see reddish-brown marks and blood drops on fabrics and surfaces. You’ll probably find brown or black fecal stains too. Often, waste from these critters is powdery, and musty odors will be ongoing. Last but not least, you’ll have patches of banded bumps in various areas of your body. It will be like a rash.

Do Bed Bugs Travel On Clothes?

As mentioned, bed bugs can definitely grip onto and travel on your clothes. It’s wise to look over yourself while on the go.

What Are Some Bed Bug Control Tips For My Home?

Natural pest control for bed bugs and commercial insecticides are costly. Their price tags are indicative of their toxicity, not their effectiveness. To work, all adult insects, nymphs, and eggs must have contact with the agent. With how bed bugs travel, you can't nab them all independently. How to get rid of bed bugs solo is in these steps:

  • Never sit your belongings on the floor or ground, or put them near the items of others.
  • Request a different hotel room far away if you notice bed bugs.
  • Put your luggage in a protective cover or plastic bag.
  • Use hot water to clean your travel clothes. Dry them on high heat for 20 minutes or more.
  • Regularly examine head and footboards, mattresses, and box springs with a flashlight.
  • Scan drawer interiors, laundry, bags and purses, and furniture.
  • Check for infestation indicators on second-hand items.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home Fast!

You can save time and money by avoiding retail products and natural pest control for bed bugs. The better choice is to contact us at Excel Pest Management. We have industrial-grade bed bug control treatments that are non-threatening. Heating, fumigation, and chemical solutions are available. Our team can give you guidance on how to check for bed bugs as well. Call us today and receive a free inspection!