The Risk Of DIY Bed Bug Control For Multi-Unit Owners In Los Angeles

bed bug on some fabric

There are many types of rental situations here in Los Angeles. Some standard multi-unit options include duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, bungalow courts, townhouses, multistory apartments, and condominiums. One significant risk associated with operating one of these rental properties is bed bugs. These blood-feeding insects spread like wildfire and can become a massive problem quickly.

If you need help with bed bugs in Los Angeles and are considering DIY, here are some risks to consider. Call Excel Pest Management if you are concerned about an infestation and want an immediate solution to the problem. We will send a team your way and show you what pest control in Los Angeles should be.

Three Ways Bed Bugs Spread Within Multi-Unit Dwellings

Bed bugs are not the fastest insects; they only move about four feet per minute. With this in mind, these bugs must find unique travel ways. How do bed bugs travel inside multi-unit dwellings? Here are three methods these pests utilize to get around:

  1. Bed bugs like it when people visit each other. If your tenants are friendly, they might accidentally bring over items with bed bugs when they visit.
  2. If you don't adequately seal the walls and doors between your units, bed bugs might slowly crawl between dwellings. Although not speedy, they are more than happy to take their time if it means more options for food.
  3. Bed bugs will climb onto almost anything, including maintenance or cleaning carts. If you have a team that works on keeping your building operating smoothly, these pests might use them to get from room to room.

Your goal should be to learn how to identify bed bugs and stop infestations before they spread.

Problems Bed Bugs Cause For Apartment Owners

Nothing ruins a good night's sleep faster than bug bites. You will hear about it if your tenants wake up with red, itchy welts on their skin. If your apartment building's bed bug infestation grows out of control, people might also experience insomnia and anemia. These medical conditions are not life-threatening but are incredibly draining and uncomfortable. Long story short, the quicker you deal with infestations, the less likely your renters will be to have problems and potentially move.

DIY Bed Bug Control Drawbacks

Trying to deal with bed bugs on your own can be tempting; this is a risky enough task inside your home. You see, there are many good reasons why you should avoid DIY bed bug removal. The first reason is that bed bugs like to hide. If they sense danger, they will retreat into the voids of your building, and this could lead to infestations of neighboring units. Another reason is that many bed bug extermination products harm humans when misused. Unless you are a licensed pest control technician, you should not use products with harmful chemicals inside the places your residents live. Finally, bed bugs can survive over a year without a blood meal. If they can avoid danger, your infestation will come back a few weeks or months later.

Why You Should Always Order Professional Bed Bug Control

Professional pest control is the safest and most effective solution to a bed bug problem. For services you can trust, call our experts at Excel Pest Management. Our team is devoted to working with local property owners to combat problematic pests like bed bugs.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control services and schedule an appointment for your multi-unit facility here in Los Angeles.