Getting Rid Of Mice For Good In Your Santa Clarita Home

field mouse entering a house through a hole in the exterior stucco

Rodents are smaller mammals that belong to the order Rodentia, a term that translates as “to gnaw.” This is a fitting name for mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents based on their habit of constantly grinding their teeth and chewing on objects of all kinds. When homeowners in Santa Clarita notice rodents around their homes, they should respond quickly, as these pests might pose health risks and may damage property.

The common house mouse measures roughly six inches long, including its tail, and has brown or grey fur. The species has black eyes and a pointed snout. Because of their small size, house mice that exist in the outdoor areas around your home will easily enter your home through small openings near the foundation or any gaps around windows or doors.

Are you struggling with getting rid of mice? Consider contacting a local pest control professional regarding an onsite property inspection. A Santa Clarita pest control company maintains a trained staff with expertise in eliminating mouse infestations and understands how to keep mice away from the premises.

Clear Signs Of Mice In Your House

There are many different signs that mice have invaded your home in Santa Clarita. Among the most common indicators include the following:

  • As largely nocturnal creatures that remain active at night, many homeowners will hear these pests rummaging around inside walls, crawlspaces, or other areas of the home.
  • You will often notice mice droppings and unpleasant odors as these infestations worsen.
  • Look for damage to materials such as insulation or fabrics that mice use for building nests or bite marks on furniture and other items in the home.
  • Mice will often invade cupboards and pantries and eat various dried foods.
  • Often, pets such as dogs or cats may act abnormally after detecting the presence of these critters.

Mice are creatures that pose health risks, damage property, and reproduce rapidly. Are you wondering how to get rid of a mouse infestation? Contacting a licensed rodent control professional is the best option for ensuring a safe and efficient removal process.

You Don't Have To Touch Mice For Them To Make You Sick

Mice are known for carrying leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and a host of other health problems. As with all rodents, mice also may carry fleas, ticks, and other harmful creatures.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Mice On Your Own

Too many property owners that detect mice try do-it-yourself home treatment options that they procure from local retailers. Many of these aerosol sprays, baiting systems, traps, and other store-bought options deliver mediocre results. Weeks or months later, frustrated homeowners find that mice are still in areas of their homes, further contaminating areas.

A better alternative involves consulting with a local home pest control company regarding the intrusion. After contacting a professional, they will deploy a trained expert to the premises who will assess the extent of the problem, identify points of entry, and propose the best available treatment option. Additionally, the professionals operate in a manner that will ensure the safety of humans and the local ecosystem.

The Most Effective Mouse Control For Your Home

The specialists with Excel Pest Management receive excellent training regarding the many different types of mice that invade Santa Clarita homes and businesses and understand the most effective mouse prevention strategies. In addition to rodents, our team will help you with ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and a host of other critters that will invade your home. We use many of the newest products in the pest control industry and always back our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

For safe and effective pest control solutions, contact our team today.