How To Keep Multi-Family Living Spaces Bed Bug-Free In Los Angeles

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Consider yourself lucky if you haven't had bed bugs in your residence. Once, bed bugs were rare, but increased international travel and the ban on DDT have allowed them to grow in the U.S. Bed bugs aren't picky; they can infest even the most luxurious apartment developments and are hard to eliminate.

Even if your home is well-kept, bed bug outbreaks are still possible. Excel Pest Management will help you get rid of bed bugs with Los Angeles pest control that eliminates the entire infestation.

Surprising Facts About Bed Bugs In Apartment Spaces

Learning more about bed bugs can help you avoid them. A few facts to know include:

  • Bed bug eggs are nearly invisible. A single female bed bug produces up to 500 eggs in her lifespan, so a pregnant bug can cause an infestation to grow rapidly.
  • Bed bugs may eat seven times their body weight in blood.
  • Bed bugs are very tough creatures. They can survive temperatures ranging from almost freezing to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bed bugs have become resistant to standard treatments in recent years. Now, pest control professionals utilize effective next-generation treatments.
  • Bed bug bites anesthetize. The bed bug's victims don't feel the bite, so they remain asleep.

With their prolific breeding and irritating bites, bed bugs are among the most annoying pests. A commonly held belief is that they are simple bugs that will make you lose sleep, but they are more complicated than they first appear.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Los Angeles Multi-Family Properties

Bed bugs thrive in crowded environments, such as congested apartments and houses. Clutter offers bed bugs the ideal area to conceal themselves, making it more challenging to treat an infestation of bed bugs. Wrapping mattresses and box springs in plastic or similar bed bug-resistant material can prevent an infestation. It is best to steer clear of secondhand furniture, especially items that don't come from reputable resellers and for which you have no idea what the state of the environment they originally came from was.

Why DIY Bed Bug Control Often Fails

You may want to try DIY or natural pest control for bed bugs, but these tactics are rarely effective. In addition to the fact that bed bugs have become resistant to many over-the-counter treatments, they also reproduce quickly. DIY bed bug control fails to address the entire infestation, as the majority of the bed bug population will be hiding out of sight in hard-to-reach areas. If any bed bugs survive, they'll continue reproducing and the infestation will grow back to its original size or larger in a short time.

Why Los Angeles Business Owners Use Professional Bed Bug Control

When it comes to commercial properties, bed bugs are something you never want to see in your property. An infestation can distress your employees and customers, and can seriously damage your reputation.

One of the main advantages of contacting local pest control for bed bugs is that we can provide you with advice and results that DIY pest control cannot. A specialist doesn't just concentrate on getting rid of bed bugs; we also offer homeowners tips that you can use to stop further infestations.

Regain peace of mind and get rid of bed bugs with the assistance of Excel Pest Management. Our bed bug experts are equipped with the necessary treatments and techniques to locate the bed bugs' hiding places.

We will look for all potential hiding spots for bed bugs on your property, after which we will present you with treatment options that will eradicate bed bugs at all phases of development. It takes specialized knowledge and equipment to get rid of bed bugs since they reproduce quickly, and just leaving two behind might start a new infestation.

Get rid of the bed bug infestation by contacting Excel Pest Management for the best bed bug control near you and speak to one of our professionals so you can rest easy again.