The Best Pest Control Solution For Your Los Angeles Business

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Business owners and management professionals in Southern California often struggle with various types of unwanted pests that may pose health risks, damage property, aggravate employees, and deter customers. Pests will enter commercial environments of all kinds seeking sources of food, water, or shelter.

Is your business facing an intrusion involving bothersome pests? An experienced Los Angeles pest control company that specializes in quality commercial pest control will oust the various types of pests that plague businesses in this area and prevent subsequent intrusions.

Common Pests That Plague Local Businesses

Some of the most problematic and commonly encountered types of pests among businesses in the Los Angeles region include the following:

  • Rodents: The Los Angeles County Vector Management Program targets vermin known for carrying diseases, such as mice and rats. Some of the diseases associated with these creatures include murine typhus, hantavirus, and Lyme borreliosis.
  • Bed bugs: According to the County of Los Angeles’ Department of Public Health, bed bugs traditionally plagued temporary or transient housing units; however, hotels and motels throughout the region are experiencing more problems with these pests, much of which stems from travelers.
  • Ants: More than 250 ant species exist throughout California. Despite their rather small size, ants can result in large problems for area businesses because once they detect a food source, the trail of pheromone chemicals they produce attracts many others from their often-massive colonies.
  • Flies: Using their small size and speed, flies will easily invade businesses through doors, windows, vents, and other entry points. Aside from being a nuisance, flies will contaminate food and surfaces with their excrement and can spread salmonellosis, typhoid fever, and other health concerns.

The aforementioned pests are merely a few of the many troublesome creatures that infiltrate businesses in the Los Angeles area. Regardless of the species, seeking assistance from a commercial pest control company is generally the best means of responding to these problems.

A Small Infestation Can Become A Big Problem Quickly

Many individuals underestimate how a somewhat minor pest intrusion can develop into a full-blown infestation. For example, a female cockroach may generate dozens of offspring over a period of only several weeks.

Sensible Pest Prevention Practices To Implement In Your Business

The best pest prevention strategies typically involve limiting the presence of attractants, such as sources of food, and implementing exclusionary measures that will limit access indoors. Contacting a provider of pest control services for commercial infestations is generally the most effective means of resolving these problems.

Take The Stress Out Of Pest Control For Your Business

As an experienced provider of comprehensive commercial pest control services in the greater Los Angeles area, our experts recognize that unwanted pests represent a nuisance and a potential health risk for you, your employees, and your customers and will hinder the overall reputation of your business. Some of the primary industries and business settings where Excel Pest Management performs services include healthcare facilities such as hospitals or clinics, offices, retail stores, and operations involving transportation, storage, and warehousing.

As one of the best commercial pest control companies in this region, our trained technicians understand the importance of diligently inspecting the premises for the presence of pests. We will identify pest-related activity and points of entry within the interior and exterior of the structure, any trash and waste disposal areas, and much more.

Certain businesses that are among the most susceptible to recurring pest intrusions, such as restaurants, hotels, and educational institutions, often benefit from our year-round, ongoing pest protection plans that are fully customized based on your specific needs. For example, we will visit the property for treatment on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly schedule to ensure the premises remain pest-free.

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