How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Los Angeles Business This Spring

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Pest Control in Los Angeles, CA can be a tricky endeavor! There’s all sorts of pests that love to make their way into our homes and businesses. Blame it on the climate, or our proximity to the ocean – the pests we see around here can really be a nuisance.

Another reason pest control in Los Angeles can be such a challenge is the sheer number of businesses and homes in the area. An infestation of, say, rodents in a rural area has nowhere near the damage potential of a rodent infestation in a major business located in downtown LA.

Why Pests Can Be A Huge Problem For Los Angeles Businesses

You don’t need a pest control advisor to show you just how cumbersome and outright dangerous pests can be in the workplace. It’s plain to see!

There are a few things the average person may not be considering, however. Think of the difference between an infestation in the home and an infestation at a business. A business, particularly one like a restaurant or supermarket, stands to lose quite a lot if they succumb to an infestation of pests.

If an infestation of insects breaks out in a restaurant, that business may have to shut down until professionals have performed extermination, and inspectors have deemed the establishment safe enough to reopen. This could cost thousands of dollars, making pest control an emergency any time it’s required at most businesses.

Tips To Keep Your Los Angeles Business Pest-Free

Keeping pests off your property can be a real struggle, particularly once location, temperature, and proximity to things like treelines are factored in. That said, there’s plenty that business owners should know when it comes to preventing pests from showing an interest in their properties. Here are five of the handiest tips:

  • Make note of any possible signs of an infestation you see so you can share that information with the professionals, should the need arise.

  • Landscaping. Not only can proper landscaping attract more customers, but it can remove hiding places for pests and incentivize them to congregate away from the property.

  • Attend to any water on the property. Most pests can make at least some use of a standing water source, whether they’re drinking from it or laying their eggs in it.

  • Seal off any entrance ways to your property. The larger the pest, the harder a time they’ll have getting on the property if it’s sealed well. Everything from exterior gating to any cracks and crevices in the structure should get a lot of attention. Wall them out!

  • Keep all trash and waste from the facility well-sealed and out-of-reach. The trash, and other unsecured food sources are probably the number one attractor of pests.

Pest control sometimes grows well outside the capabilities of the average homeowner or business owner. That said, following these fast tips should help you keep any space relatively unwelcome for pests and would-be invaders.

Why Commercial Properties Need Professional Pest Management

We deal with a lot of pest infestations that cause serious trouble in the home. With that said, most homes don’t have to consider the economic feasibility of an infestation.

That is, foot traffic, customers, and all the other things a business or other commercial property may have to deal with that the average homeowner doesn’t. Roaches, rodents, and other pests in the home can get people sick or damage property. Those same pests in the workplace can cause disruptions to business and all sorts of hiccups.

Protect Your Los Angeles Business With Help From Excel Pest Management

Excel Pest Management is the most dependable pest control in town – we’re used to aiding business owners and homeowners alike in ridding their property of all types of pests. We hear people say that quality pest control is hard to find – we’re here to show otherwise!

Get started with us today if you think you may have an infestation of pests at your business. Don’t risk a disruption to the day-to-day operations and a public relations nightmare! These pests can also get you and your customers sick, so acting fast is of the utmost importance.